What goes in my hospital bag?

The time has finally come to pack your hospital bag!

We won’t bore you with another hospital bag checklist - The Sleep Store have an awesome one.

However, we’d like to share our top tips to help you out with your packing. 

1.  Have your partner physically pack the hospital bag so that they know where everything is. Trust me. You do not want to be mid contraction and have someone ask you where the lip balm is.

2.  Yes you can bring a small suitcase with wheels.

3.  Every good list tells you to pack high waisted underwear. Would your granny wear them? If you jumped off a high building, would they act as a parachute to slow your descent? If your answer to both questions is yes, those are the perfect pair. Yay!

4.  Bring snacks for you, for your partner. You won’t know how long you’ll be there for.

5.  Your own pillow from home is a must have.

6.  Some nice shampoo and conditioner. After birthing a human, that first shower is cathartic. There’s nothing like it.

7.  And last but not least, a looooooong phone charging cable. You’ll thank us later!

Happy packing! Your little kookaburra is almost earthside and we bet you can’t wait to meet them!

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